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Trekfest! Our biggest sale of the year!

Starting Thursday, April 4th and running thru April 15th, all Trek and Electra bikes and Bontrager accessories will be on sale! Up to $400 off bikes, and 20% off Bontrager parts and accessories – stock up on all your summer cycling needs!

Annual end of winter XC Ski sale Presidents Day weekend!

While it might not feel like the end of winter, it will be here soon, and we need to start making room for bicycles! While we are getting thin on certain sizes and models, we still have plenty of great touring, skate, and backcountry gear to replace that old, worn out stuff you’ve been nursing along for the past few seasons. And the bonus is we are currently experiencing some of the best conditions of the winter! Sale starts this Friday the 15th, and ends Monday the 18th. Come in early for best selection!

Trek Remedy comes out on top yet again!

2 out of 3 Pinkbike editors choose Remedy

Pinkbike’s discerning product testers have been busy putting long-travel all-mountain bikes through some rigorous late-season shootout testing. Remedy had tough competition from some great bikes. But in the end, two out of three testers said they would choose Remedy if forced to pick their one-and-only ride.

“I want a bike that feels relatively quick and efficient on all types of climbs. And when it’s time to come back down, I want a bike that rewards how I like to ride, which is like an idiot. Yeah, I want to be rewarded for being an idiot. I don’t need to snag any KOMs on the descents, but I do need to take dumb lines, skid a load, spend a lot of time on one wheel, and generally be a goof.” – Mike Levy

“I’d go with the Remedy. Why? It’s fun. It makes me want to ride, and do so in a variety of terrain without worrying about whether the bike is up to the task or not. I think that I would feel equally comfortable riding it at home in Pisgah as I would anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.” – Daniel Sapp

With 150mm/160mm of travel, fun-loving 27.5” wheels, and a host of Trek technologies that guarantee a great ride, Remedy is down for any party, no matter how wild.

Check out the whole story here

Be safe out there! The science of being seen.

Great article in Velo News about how to increase your visibility to drivers.  The 2 big take-aways are: most cyclists vastly overrate how visible they are to drivers, and that good daytime running lights and proper clothing can increase your visibility up to 270% – that’s a pretty huge number.  With drivers being more and more distracted, making yourself as visible as possible has never been more important!  Be safe out there!

Want the fastest tires – listen to this podcast!

Have you heard the news – contrary to long held beliefs, fatter tires at lower pressures are faster. Most folks scoff when they first hear this (I know I did), so if you need convincing, listen to this podcast. And if you need some fat, fast, and comfy tires, we got ’em!

Top Fuel 9.9 review in Dirt Rag!

Conclusion… “The Top Fuel is one of the most high-tech, potent and fun short travel 29ers I’ve ever ridden; it’s also one of the lightest. It’s a full-on racer as well as a full-on fun-to-ride bike.”  Read the full review here

“One of the best all-around trail bikes of the year” !!!

Outside magazine sure liked the Trek Fuel EX 29, and I gotta say that I concur.  After having the opportunity to demo all the new bikes in Madison last month, the Fuel EX stood out to me as the best blend of nimble handling, great pedaling efficiency, and plenty of smooth, confidence inspiring suspension travel.  Check out the review here.

Suspension set-up guide at

Trek’s current line up of full suspension bikes have some of the best technology in the bike biz, but all that technology is lost if your suspension is not adjusted properly for you.  Now Trek has easy to follow guidelines online – check it out here

We’re now carrying Compass Tires!

Looking for the best, fat, high performance tires?  Look no further than Compass.  Fat and high performance you say?  Isn’t that contradictory?  Lots of folks think so, and lots of folks are… ummm… misinformed.  It’s very true that lots of fat tires are slow, but that is due to their construction (made for maximum durability, not performance) not their width.  The term is used far too often in the bike world, but if there is one true “game changer”, it’s wide, high performance tires.  We’ve got everything from 700 x 26 that will fit almost any racing bike, to 650B x 42 (my current fav.) Stop in and check ’em out!